[Moin-user] Embed Google Gadgets in MoinMoin

Mike Fechner mike.fechner at consultingwerk.de
Thu May 27 01:16:42 EDT 2010

Is it even possible to embed a Google Gadget in a web page? AFAIK it's just something to run on the Windows Desktop, not in a browser.

If it could run on a browser, there will be ways to generate the required HTML code to embed that. Maybe you have sample HTML code?

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Betreff: [Moin-user] Embed Google Gadgets in MoinMoin

I'd like to embed Google Gadgets in MoinMoin. I've searched Google
extensively but have not found any modules or macros that allows one
to embed a Google Gadget.

I'd like to implement something along the lines of the following:


Is anyone working on this or do you have a workaround for displaying a gadget?



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