[Moin-user] How to import existing Moin content into new Moin server?

Reimar Bauer rb.proj at googlemail.com
Mon Oct 18 01:58:31 EDT 2010

On 18.10.2010 12:35, andy thomas wrote:
> On Sun, 17 Oct 2010, Reimar Bauer wrote:
>> On 17.10.2010 14:41, andy thomas wrote:
>>> I am completely new to MoinMoin but I have been given the task of setting up a
>>> new MoinMoin wiki using content from an existing MoinMoin server. I've
>>> succeeded in getting MoinMoin 1.92 up & running on a FreeBSD system using
>>> lighttpd and the fastCGI server and I've been sent a tar archive from the old
>>> server of the existing MoinMoin content to be served but I can't get the wiki
>>> to display this content.
>>> The archive contains a series of directories under which there are
>>> subdirectories named 'cache' and 'revisions' plus two files called 'current'
>>> and 'edit-log'. I've moved these into ../data/pages as I gues this is the right
>>> place for them but I can only access folders like 'Recent Changes', 'Find
>>> Page', etc and not the ones I have added from the archive.
>>> What do I need to do it get these additional pages to show?
>> Do you have created a new wiki instance? You are speaking from moving
>> into ../data/pages. Is it the correct instance? What you have got looks
>> like an archieve of the old instance.
>> Do you have a meta file in the data dir of the archieve. What is its
>> content?
> There is no meta file in the archive although there is one in my new 
> instance but it is empty.

No that is wrong! There should be one e.g.
http://hg.moinmo.in/moin/1.7/file/761c3a503be2/wiki/data/meta with this
content if it is 1.7.0

If you have no meta file in your old wiki_instance/data then likly an
older migscript before 1.5.3 wasn't invoked. Or you just don't have that

The command moin ... migration data utility will only work if the meta
file is present and has the right version of your old content. The
migration utility was introduced after 1.5.3.

If you need help see http://moinmo.in/Support. On top of the page is a
link to our chat channel #moin on chat.freenode.net.


>> If the content of the old instance is dependent to an older moin version
>> you need to migrate it. See docs/README_FIRST
> Thanks, I'll go & read the documentation.
> Andy
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