[Moin-user] question regarding wiki migration

Mark Scheufele mark.scheufele at diasemi.com
Tue Oct 19 04:05:53 EDT 2010

Hi Thomas,

thanks for the hint with the permissions. I am running moinmoin on windows. After unzipping the files the user under which I did carry out the unzip operation (same user under which moinmoin is running) did not have read/write permissions on the files. Since I have now granted Full Control to this user everything is running fine. 

Many thanks for the quick response.


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Moin Mark,

> I am currently working on a script to convert dokuwiki pages to moinmoin
> syntax. To develop the script I have used moinmoin in a standalone setup
> (local wsgi application by running wikiserver.py).
> Within the script I am creating a request object:
> from MoinMoin.web.contexts import ScriptContext
> request=ScriptCotext()
> Afterwards this request object is used to create pages and upload
> attachments. After creating the pages within the standalone wiki I
> copied all the pages to our production system (same version 1.9.3).

Did you fix permissions after copying? All stuff needs to be rw (files)
or rwx (dirs) for the moin process' uid/gid.

> when I now try to access a page the authentication doesn't work for some
> reason. 

Sounds strange, auth is rather unrelated to pages.

> Here is the error message from the apache log file:
> [Mon Oct 18 15:49:10 2010] [error] [client] (OS 87)The
> parameter is incorrect.  : authentication failure for "/icwiki": user
> unknown, reason: cannot generate context

Never seen such a thing. Can you give us a full traceback (put into
pastebin, publish url)?

> I think the error is related to the fact that in the standalone wiki all
> pages have been created under the anonymous account. The production
> systems authenticates against our active directory where no anonymous
> account exists (just a guess).

No. Moin usually does not care who created a page or attachment. If the
acl on the page permits access for you, you may access it - there is no
concept of a "page ownership" other than acl within moin.

> Or maybe I am completely wrong and it isn't a good idea to just copy
> pages between wiki instances?

Can be done for same (or rather similar) moin versions. Mind
user/group/mode, though (see above).




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