[Moin-user] How to import existing Moin content into new Moin server?

andy thomas andy at time-domain.co.uk
Wed Oct 20 00:25:31 EDT 2010

On Sun, 17 Oct 2010, Reimar Bauer wrote:

> On 17.10.2010 14:41, andy thomas wrote:
>> I am completely new to MoinMoin but I have been given the task of setting up a
>> new MoinMoin wiki using content from an existing MoinMoin server. I've
>> succeeded in getting MoinMoin 1.92 up & running on a FreeBSD system using
>> lighttpd and the fastCGI server and I've been sent a tar archive from the old
>> server of the existing MoinMoin content to be served but I can't get the wiki
>> to display this content.
>> The archive contains a series of directories under which there are
>> subdirectories named 'cache' and 'revisions' plus two files called 'current'
>> and 'edit-log'. I've moved these into ../data/pages as I gues this is the right
>> place for them but I can only access folders like 'Recent Changes', 'Find
>> Page', etc and not the ones I have added from the archive.
>> What do I need to do it get these additional pages to show?
> Do you have created a new wiki instance? You are speaking from moving
> into ../data/pages. Is it the correct instance? What you have got looks
> like an archieve of the old instance.
> Do you have a meta file in the data dir of the archieve. What is its
> content?

I have now got full access to the old instance on the other server and the 
meta file says:

 	data_format_revision: 01070000

I have replaced the meta file in my new instance (which reads 
data_format_revision: 1090200) with the old one but the pages I have added 
from the old instance archive still don't appear.

To be honest, I have never used MoinMoin as a user before so I have no 
idea how to access content under ../data.pages from the Wiki. However, I 
now have root access to the server hosting the old instance and I have 
been given some Wiki login usernames and passwords which don't work (and 
the original Wiki superuser password has been lost). Is there a file in 
the old MoinMoin installation that I could edit and reset the user and 
superuser passwords?

I've also noticed my ../underlay/pages on the new instance has very little 
in it (just BadContent and LanguageSetup) compared with the old instance - 
would it be OK to copy all the folders starting with 'HelpOn...' from the 
old instance to the new one?

> If the content of the old instance is dependent to an older moin version
> you need to migrate it. See docs/README_FIRST

I had a look at this and also at all the migration scripts under 
../MoinMoin/script/migration but the data format of the 1.7.0 data files 
from the old instance looks identical to that for 1.9.2? Or am I missing 
somthing very important here?


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