[Moin-user] How to import existing Moin content into new Moin server?

Reimar Bauer rb.proj at googlemail.com
Wed Oct 20 01:42:31 EDT 2010

On 20.10.2010 06:25, andy thomas wrote:
> On Sun, 17 Oct 2010, Reimar Bauer wrote:
>> On 17.10.2010 14:41, andy thomas wrote:
>>> I am completely new to MoinMoin but I have been given the task of setting up a
>>> new MoinMoin wiki using content from an existing MoinMoin server. I've
>>> succeeded in getting MoinMoin 1.92 up & running on a FreeBSD system using
>>> lighttpd and the fastCGI server and I've been sent a tar archive from the old
>>> server of the existing MoinMoin content to be served but I can't get the wiki
>>> to display this content.
>>> The archive contains a series of directories under which there are
>>> subdirectories named 'cache' and 'revisions' plus two files called 'current'
>>> and 'edit-log'. I've moved these into ../data/pages as I gues this is the right
>>> place for them but I can only access folders like 'Recent Changes', 'Find
>>> Page', etc and not the ones I have added from the archive.
>>> What do I need to do it get these additional pages to show?
>> Do you have created a new wiki instance? You are speaking from moving
>> into ../data/pages. Is it the correct instance? What you have got looks
>> like an archieve of the old instance.
>> Do you have a meta file in the data dir of the archieve. What is its
>> content?
> I have now got full access to the old instance on the other server and the 
> meta file says:
>  	data_format_revision: 01070000
> I have replaced the meta file in my new instance (which reads 
> data_format_revision: 1090200) with the old one but the pages I have added 
> from the old instance archive still don't appear.

This is likly because you look at the wrong instance for the pages.
Assuming you have setup the moin-1.9.3 wiki instance by using wsgi
then you point to your wikiconfig file by a sys.path entry similiar to
The wikiconfig in that dir should look similiar to

The instance / data dir you access by the wiki is shown in the logs and
in SystemInfo. Check if it is a different one than the one you copied
the files to. (To see this full details your username must be setup as

> To be honest, I have never used MoinMoin as a user before so I have no 
> idea how to access content under ../data.pages from the Wiki. However, I 
> now have root access to the server hosting the old instance and I have 
> been given some Wiki login usernames and passwords which don't work (and 
> the original Wiki superuser password has been lost). Is there a file in 
> the old MoinMoin installation that I could edit and reset the user and 
> superuser passwords?

You can reset a password of a user from the commandline
see HelpOnMoinCommand moin ... account resetpw
The superuser is defined in wikiconfig.py it is a list of names. Any
username listed there is the superuser. (You can create a new user name
and add it there)

> I've also noticed my ../underlay/pages on the new instance has very little 
> in it (just BadContent and LanguageSetup) compared with the old instance - 
> would it be OK to copy all the folders starting with 'HelpOn...' from the 
> old instance to the new one?


just read LanguageSetup and install all page packs you want.

>> If the content of the old instance is dependent to an older moin version
>> you need to migrate it. See docs/README_FIRST
> I had a look at this and also at all the migration scripts under 
> ../MoinMoin/script/migration but the data format of the 1.7.0 data files 
> from the old instance looks identical to that for 1.9.2? Or am I missing 
> somthing very important here?

You didn't looked in all scripts.
1.9.3 is the recent version. And yes run the script. It has not that
much to do as between 1.5 and 1.6 but it has to do some changes. e.g.
for drewings.


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