[Moin-user] Beginner's guide: Management of MoinMoin wikis

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Fri Oct 22 11:42:03 EDT 2010

> Agreed, but how I could contribute on the http://moinmo.in/ is yet another
> opaque problem for me ;-)

It's a moin wiki, so it works the same way as yours. :)

There is a page "Documentation" and "HowTo/*", try to collaborate there.

> I'd like to contribute, but then I'm only a beginner om MoinMoin, and
> I don't know where to contribute "beginner's info" into the documentation
> maze on moinmo.in.

I guess the best will be if we start a fresh wiki for moin2 (and using
moin2, as soon as it is stable enough).

Until then, we'll have to live with the current one and try to organize
it better and keep stuff updated.

> The "random french wiki site" in my page was actually the best information
> I could find using Google.  I couldn't find anything in http://moinmo.in/
> that explained the points that are well described in, e.g.,
> http://coq.inria.fr/cocorico/HelpOnInstalling/WikiInstanceCreation

I couldn't read that page, it was just showing a surge protection msg to
me, but the page name looks like it is a system page from moin.

> Thanks for this important advice !  The status of 1.8 and 1.9 releases is
> crucial information to any MoinMoin site ! So I'll be forced to figure out WSGI,
> whose installation didn't look simple at all at my first glance.

Some stuff with mod_wsgi is even easier than with cgi. E.g. if you want
your wiki to appear at the root url of your site. Or if you want your
moin code to run under a different uid/gid than the web server.

> I should make a dive into 1.9 and WSGI in the near future.

BTW, you can also join us on IRC, see http://moinmo.in/MoinMoinChat .



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