[Moin-user] Beginner's guide: Management of MoinMoin wikis

Ole Holm Nielsen Ole.H.Nielsen at fysik.dtu.dk
Wed Oct 27 09:36:17 EDT 2010

Thomas Waldmann wrote:
>> Well, maybe all doc related efforts would be more productive if
>> everybody worked on the same docs/sites, not on lots of different
>> docs/sites.

I made a guess of where to dump my little needle into the haystack, so I
copied my "Management of MoinMoin wikis for beginners" page from
https://wiki.fysik.dtu.dk/it/MoinMoin_Wiki into the http://moinmo.in/HowTo page.
I hope this may ease some other people's use of MoinMoin...

This page contains all of the nitty-gritty details which a system administrator
needs to know when installing MoinMoin for the first time on a Linux server,
or when upgrading MoinMoin from older releases (we made the transition 1.5.2 ->
1.9.3).  I basically assume zero knowledge (indeed, that's what I have) of
MoinMoin and Python, but some experience in Linux system administration.

Ole Holm Nielsen
Department of Physics, Technical University of Denmark

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