[Moin-user] How to custom audit with ldap authentication

Tobin Cataldo tcataldo at bham.lib.al.us
Fri Apr 1 16:40:55 EDT 2011

On 4/1/2011 3:13 PM, Thomas Waldmann wrote:
>> Ideas on modification FarmConfig to catch this data?
> Well, do something similar as AuthLog does there?

Thanks for response, I have been attempting that for some time. AuthLog 
won't log a failed login attempt when it is after LDAPAuth (e.g. auth = 
[ldap_athenticator1, AuthLog()]). I think this has to do with CancelLogin().

I can get the submitted form values in AuthLog() and my CustomLog() when 
LDAPAuth is not used.

if I modify ldap_login.py
(line 244)
      except ldap.INVALID_CREDENTIALS, err:
                 logging.debug("invalid credentials (wrong password?) 
for dn %r (username: %r)" % (dn, username))
         -->    return CancelLogin(_("Invalid username or password."))

      to ContinueLogin(u) the submitted form data is accessible in 
AuthLog() and CustomLog()

Do I need to do something special with CancelLogin()?


>> Also, I was playing around with multiple authenticators and used
>> MoinMoin.auth.log.AuthLog as a second authenticator, the docstring in
>> MoinMoin.auth.log.py says "This does nothing except logging the auth
>> parameters (the password is NOT logged, of course)." In fact, password
>> is logged as part of 'kw' args. Perhaps I am using AuthLog incorrectly?
> No, the docstring was not matching the code any more. I updated it.
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