[Moin-user] MoinMoin 2.0 & Summer of Code 2011 - help wanted!

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Tue Apr 12 14:12:56 EDT 2011

As you may have read on the wiki, MoinMoin is taking part in Google
Summer of Code 2011.

Hopefully, this will bring moin2 (MoinMoin 2.0) yet another big step

Note: as moin 1.9 is a stable release and we need to get ahead with
moin2, we don't do moin 1.9 based projects any more for SOC.

We have student applications for projects relating to:

moin2 search
 * text extraction / preprocessing, indexing
 * query parsing, searching
 * results presentation 
 * whoosh, python, jinja2, html5, css, js

moin2 tests
  * py.test2 port
  * better test infrastructure
  * tests sanity check/cleanup/rewrite
  * py.test 2, testing web apps (flask)

moin2 userinterface
 * content area / views improvements
 * theme improvements
 * html5, css, javascript/jquery, python, artistic
 * UI design, usability, accessibility

confluence wiki to moin wiki converter
 * this is a project application belonging to another organisation, but
we would help them doing it
 * wiki markup, xml, moin2 (dom converters / storage), confluence

(some of these have multiple applications)

While we have 5 mentors signed up to mentor these students, there is the
opportunity to co-mentor this stuff (== help with ideas, advice, being
available on the IRC channel now and then, etc. - without the
obligations that the primary mentors have).

So, if any of this sounds interesting to you and you know any of the
above mentioned stuff very well, feel invited to join us on IRC
#moin-dev and help improving the outcome of the projects.

If you like to apply as primary mentor, you can still do this also.

But please note that for being a primary mentor we require rather
long-term and broad experience with moin, good experience with moin2
(which is quite different from moin 1.x). You should also have regularly
worked with the moin code, including recently.

To start, you can also drop me an email (but later, most stuff will
happen on IRC).

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