[Moin-user] Docbook XSL 1.73 Render Errors

David david at davidpriest.ca
Thu Apr 21 15:35:24 EDT 2011

I can not get my local MoinMoin to display Docbook XML pages.

I have Installed the latest Moinmoin, 4Suite, and Docbook XSL 1.76.1, 
and correctly configured MoinMoin.  4Suite does run, the XSL is found, 
etc.  However, I get this error:

XSLT processing error: (u'Malformed expression: "translate(substring( 
*unicodestring* , 1, 1), *unicodestring*, *unicodestring*)" in the 
element at 
line 31, column 0\n parse error at line 1, column 147: reached 
end-of-input, expecting \')\' or \',\''  (and this is repeated as the 
interpreters fail out).

The latter two *unicodestring* are entities from the common/entities.ent 

I don't see where this is missing a ) or , as reported by the error.

Has anyone else had success in Docbook rendering using the latest 
Docbook 5 XSL transformations?

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