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* Message by -Radomir Dopieralski- from Tue 2011-04-26:
> On Tue, Apr 26, 2011 at 2:14 PM, Lasse Kliemann
> <lasse-list-moin-user-2011 at mail.plastictree.net> wrote:
> > * Message by -Radomir Dopieralski- from Tue 2011-04-26:
> >> On Mon, Apr 25, 2011 at 10:45 PM, Lasse Kliemann
> >> <lasse-list-moin-user-2011 at mail.plastictree.net> wrote:
> >> > Moin2 will support a Mercurial storage backend, I have read.
> >> >
> >> > Will this allow users to check out the whole wiki via Mercurial,
> >> > edit pages using their favorite texteditor and then publishing
> >> > them by commit and push? I mean something similar to what Ikiwiki
> >> > does. That would be an *extremely* useful feature.
> >>
> >> That was the idea when the work on this backend started, but in the mean time
> >> MoinMoin2 changed a little, and now the content of the items is stored in files
> >> that have random names. So, although you can edit them and commit, finding the
> >> right files may be nontrivial.
> >
> > Would it be difficult to generate symlinks that map from the
> > "realname" of the item (i.e., the name under which it would be
> > known to a user of the web interface) to the actual file with the
> > random name?
> If we could reliably create valid file names from the page titles, we
> would use that directly.
> Unfortunately every file system on every platform has its own set of
> allowed characters, special files, filename length limit and case
> sensitivity. And even if we get it all right for the existing
> filesystems, someone will create a new one next year...

Then how about providing the mapping in an easy-to-parse format 
in a text file? Then users can write their own tools to find the 
right files. For example, I could imagine generating a HTML file 
from it and then using the w3m browser's "edit file" feature, 
which fires up an editor of the user's choice on local files.
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