[Moin-user] BlueHost complaining my Moin site has too many files

John Hurst ajhurst at me.com
Thu Apr 28 18:17:04 EDT 2011

On 20110428, at 21:17 , Nick Demou wrote:

> On Thu, Apr 28, 2011 at 12:49 PM, Thomas Waldmann <tw-public at gmx.de>  
> wrote:
>> [...]
>> Be careful, maint reducewiki will kill ALL revisions, except the last
>> one.
> If you really need to keep the most recent revisions you may write a
> small script. if you can write scripts in any programming language
> --or know someone else who can do it for you-- then ask again for
> instructions; it's a really simple job (a few lines of code), you just
> have to test it thoroughly before "hitting the big red button".

Are there any hidden "gotchas"?  I mean, is there documentation on how  
revisions are maintained?  I tried deleting some old revisions, and  
got "internal system error" when I went to view the page.

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