[Moin-user] Where are the RecentChanges ?

Hans-Joachim Ehlers HansJoachim.Ehlers at eumetsat.int
Tue Aug 9 04:16:40 EDT 2011

Thx for the hint.

The log file are located in ./data/. And named:
 * edit-log  - for the recent changes 
 * event-log - for logged events .

Thus i assume that its sufficient to backup and restore ./data/pages ./data/user and ./data/edit-log to the new system in case no other enhancements like installing plugins has been done.


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The log files.


On 8/8/11 10:25 PM, Hans-Joachim Ehlers wrote:
> Hi
> Given
> Moinmoin 1.8.8 SLES11 SP1
> Task:
> Moving from MoinMoin 1.8.3 /OpenSuse 10.3 to Moinmoin 1.8.8 on SLES11 SP1 and moving Userdata to a new location.
> I backed up from 1.8.3 the  ./data/pages/  , ./data/user/ , ./underlay/pages/RecentChanges
> Just to find out that ./underlay/pages/RecentChanges does not contains the RecentChanges.
> Thus the question: Where are they located ?

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