[Moin-user] LocalBadContent - can it be not readable?

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Wed Feb 9 06:44:37 EST 2011

> The Jython wiki has seen an uptick in spam page creation the past week or
> two.  I've been deleting the pages and adding patterns to the
> LocalBadContent page.

You should rather add them to http://master19.moinmo.in/BadContent so
everybody gets them.

> I wonder if making that page generally unreadable
> will work.  (AdminGroup members could still see it of course.)

Just try. You'll notice it on first page save if something does not

BTW, as a general remark: the wiki is running moin 1.7.1 which is a
rather old version. Newer moins (don't remember since when) have
textchas to avoid spam, you maybe want to try that. With the right
questions, it'll keep spammers away.
Regular editors can be added to a special no-textcha group, so they
don't get annoyed.

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