[Moin-user] LocalBadContent - can it be not readable?

Thomas Waldmann tw at waldmann-edv.de
Wed Feb 9 13:10:57 EST 2011

>     Thomas> You should rather add them to
>     Thomas> http://master19.moinmo.in/BadContent so everybody gets them.
> Thanks.  I have a problem with the whole BadContent concept though.  The
> exclusion patterns I added locally involve home, auto and life insurance.
> I'm pretty confident they are not appropropriate terms for a Jython or
> Python wiki.  I am much less sure that they belong in a global BadContent
> page.  What happens if someone has a Moin wiki which deals with insurance?

Well, I meant the spam URLs, not just single words or something too
generic. Spam links are likely nowhere wanted.

> We use textchas on the Python wiki (maybe we installed something from the
> MacroMarket, I don't recall).

textchas are built-in since they exist, IIRC.

> As for upgrading, I suspect all the volunteers are
> just too busy to worry about it.  Can't be bleeding edge (or even leading
> edge) on everything.

Bleeding edge is moin2. I would not suggest that for production right
now. :)

moin 1.9.x is stable and won't see much changes any more, mostly
maintenance and security.

> That said, if there is a member of the Moin community
> who is interested in helping to maintain the Python & Jython wiki
> installation, feel free to drop a note to pydotorg-www at python.org.

I'll always help, just ask (e.g. on #moin on IRC or here).

I somewhat hate mailing lists, though.



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