[Moin-user] License for MoinMoin2 rewrite

Thomas Waldmann tw at waldmann-edv.de
Wed Feb 23 06:42:01 EST 2011

> I've noticed MoinMoin is planning a rewrite from scratch for version
> 2.

Well, it's a bit more than planning, we are half through with it. :)

But it is not quite like we started from zero, it is more a
transformation, ongoing for a rather long time since the first attempts.

> It is a good opportunity to reconsider licensing scheme - choosing
> Affero GPL to close the ASP loophole or to switch to MIT-like
> licensing scheme, so that markup engine and auxiliary code can be
> shared with non-GPL projects. It is interesting to know what core
> MoinMoin developers think about this?

Well I have misc ideas about this:

a) yes, "GPL v2 or later" has some issues. Like unclear status of
(in)compatibility with apache license (we even have some contributions
using apache licensed software that are still in unclear status because
of this). Like our code not being usable within other projects under
other licenses.

b) I still principally like the ideas of the GPL. While it is more
restrictive than MIT/BSD, this restrictiveness protects users' freedoms.

c) lots of authors have contributed to moin - it would be a pain to get
everybody's agreement about a license change

So, while I see your point (and, personally, I am not principally
against a license change), I don't think we can change the license with
reasonable effort.

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