[Moin-user] desktop edition mac windows dropbox

Chris Seidel seidel at phaget4.org
Sun Jul 17 17:56:16 EDT 2011


I'd like to install the desktop edition on several computers, but put
the wiki folder (with data and overlay dirs) on dropbox, so that
whatever computer I'm on at a given time I can edit pages and they'll
get updated for all my desktop instances. Over the course of a day I use
4 or 5 computers that are mixed between mac, windows, and linux. I first
installed the wiki on windows and made some pages. But when I try to use
it from a mac, python quits with a segmentation fault. I can install the
wiki stand alone on the mac (and have been using a separate desktop
instance for years).

So my question is: given that dropbox is a shared point between
platforms, is it possible to have two desktop instances of moinmoin (one
on windows, one on mac) write to a common data directory? Does python
write files identically on both platforms? Is there some obvious reason
why mac moinmoin crashes if reading a windows-written data directory?

Of course I'm not expecting each instance to be able to write
simultaneously - as I only use one computer at a time.

Does anyone use moinmoin via dropbox across several platforms?


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