[Moin-user] Any way to programmatically install language packs?

Eric Johnson eric at tibco.com
Wed Jul 20 14:29:50 EDT 2011

I'm looking to do an upgrade from the 1.8.X series of MoinMoin to 1.9.3.

I'd like to script the whole process. At the moment, that looks like it 
might work, except that the underlay has to be expanded by running as a 
superuser, a manual process.

Is there any way I can programatically install the language pack, rather 
than having to follow the process of enabling my superuser ability, 
running the wiki, then installing the pack?

It looks suspiciously like I can "cd" to the folder that contains 
MoinMoin, then do

python MoinMoin/packages.py -i 

The above will install the all English pages language pack to the specific
(I'm running a farm, so it looks like the above needs a URL)

Will that work?


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