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Chris Seidel seidel at phaget4.org
Thu Jul 21 18:51:36 EDT 2011

I see. However, I'm not always on the network. This is why I like the
Dropbox idea. Dropbox(.com) allows you to create a folder on your
computer that is shared by all your computers (regardless of system
type). If you happen to go away from the network and work on the files
in that folder, the moment you float back into the network the folder
synchronizes among all computers. So your data is always with you, and
always synchronized.

Perhaps I can rephrase my question using a similar concept: if you
wanted to create a desktop wiki on a flash drive, is it possible to use
that wiki regardless of machine type?

For example, I work with Windows machines, Macintosh machines, linux
machines. I often go away from the network. I want to plug the flash
drive into any of the machines, launch the wiki (using whatever python
is on that machine), and write some pages. Is this possible? If it is
possible, then it should be possible to replace the flash drive concept
with a Dropbox folder (thus bringing the luxury of the network).

My experience so far is that it is not currently possible. I can install
separate desktop wikis for each platform on a flash drive, launch (by
platform) and use them to write pages. But if I configure them to use a
common directory for the 'data' and 'underlay' directories (using the
instance_dir variable as directed in wikiconfig.py), it works for the
first machine to touch that directory structure, but when a second
machine tries to touch the structure later, the server process crashes.
Thus I was wondering if it is possible for a windows machine, and a
Macintosh machine to (non-simultaneously) share the data directory. If
the pages are just text files, it should be possible. But I'm having no
luck. (I understand they can't share the other directories, because
otherwise the python would get recompiled every time I plugged the flash
drive into a different platform).


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On Wed, Jul 20, 2011 at 12:03 AM, chris <seidel at phageT4.org> wrote:
> Hi,

> I don't understand your question (thus I'm responding to you and not
the list). When I look in wikiserverconfig.py I don't see anything that
looks like it would help. I guess I don't understand what you're getting at.

Well if you set
to '' or your IP then you can access the same desktop wiki from all of
your PCs. You store then the pages only on one system and don't need to

> Are you saying I should set up a wiki for each machine, using data
files on drop box, and then set up another wiki (say called uber wiki)
that get's it's content from each of the individual wikis? If so, what
process serves uber wiki? It would seem I'd need two wikis for each
machine - one that I can write with, and one that can grab content from
all others and serve it back to me.

see above
> I'm not sure how to make a wiki accessible from other wikis. I can
currently run a local wiki for every machine using dropbox (as long as
the instances are separate for each machine).

If you have on all wikis the same content and because they are connected
to the network, just setup one wiki and access it from all others. You
can do this also from the desktop wiki. That's what I tried to explain.


> -Chris
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> Just a question why don't you configure one of your wikis to be 
> accessible from all others?
> see wikiserverconfig.py
> Am 17.07.2011 23:56, schrieb Chris Seidel:
>> Hello,
>> I'd like to install the desktop edition on several computers, but put 
>> the wiki folder (with data and overlay dirs) on dropbox, so that 
>> whatever computer I'm on at a given time I can edit pages and they'll 
>> get updated for all my desktop instances. Over the course of a day I 
>> use
>> 4 or 5 computers that are mixed between mac, windows, and linux. I 
>> first installed the wiki on windows and made some pages. But when I 
>> try to use it from a mac, python quits with a segmentation fault. I 
>> can install the wiki stand alone on the mac (and have been using a 
>> separate desktop instance for years).
> I guess the cache files of the pages are incompatible to your 
> different python versions.
>> So my question is: given that dropbox is a shared point between 
>> platforms, is it possible to have two desktop instances of moinmoin 
>> (one on windows, one on mac) write to a common data directory? Does 
>> python write files identically on both platforms? Is there some 
>> obvious reason why mac moinmoin crashes if reading a windows-written
data directory?
> I guess this won't help.
> Reimar
>> Of course I'm not expecting each instance to be able to write 
>> simultaneously - as I only use one computer at a time.
>> Does anyone use moinmoin via dropbox across several platforms?
>> -Chris

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