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R.Bauer rb.proj at gmail.com
Fri Jul 22 02:21:34 EDT 2011

Am 22.07.2011 00:51, schrieb Chris Seidel:
> I see. However, I'm not always on the network. This is why I like the
> Dropbox idea. Dropbox(.com) allows you to create a folder on your
> computer that is shared by all your computers (regardless of system
> type). If you happen to go away from the network and work on the files
> in that folder, the moment you float back into the network the folder
> synchronizes among all computers. So your data is always with you, and
> always synchronized.
> Perhaps I can rephrase my question using a similar concept: if you
> wanted to create a desktop wiki on a flash drive, is it possible to use
> that wiki regardless of machine type?

You have to call moin ... maint cleancache to invalidate machine
dependent cache files before you start moin on a different platform or
different python version same platform.

Sometimes I use http://www.portablepython.com/ to show the same wiki on
a windows system and on a linux. Because you don't need python installed
beforehand on windows this makes it easy to demonstrate the wiki.

> For example, I work with Windows machines, Macintosh machines, linux
> machines. I often go away from the network. I want to plug the flash
> drive into any of the machines, launch the wiki (using whatever python
> is on that machine), and write some pages. Is this possible? If it is
> possible, then it should be possible to replace the flash drive concept
> with a Dropbox folder (thus bringing the luxury of the network).
> My experience so far is that it is not currently possible. I can install
> separate desktop wikis for each platform on a flash drive, launch (by
> platform) and use them to write pages. But if I configure them to use a
> common directory for the 'data' and 'underlay' directories (using the
> instance_dir variable as directed in wikiconfig.py), it works for the
> first machine to touch that directory structure, but when a second
> machine tries to touch the structure later, the server process crashes.
> Thus I was wondering if it is possible for a windows machine, and a
> Macintosh machine to (non-simultaneously) share the data directory. If
> the pages are just text files, it should be possible. But I'm having no
> luck. (I understand they can't share the other directories, because
> otherwise the python would get recompiled every time I plugged the flash
> drive into a different platform).

I am pretty sure that this crash happens because of the incompatible
python cache files of pages, links, name2id etc. But you don't showed
the traceback. So I suggest for now to call moin ... maint cleancache to
invalidate platform, python version dependent cachefiles.


> -Chris
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> From: Reimar Bauer [mailto:rb.proj at googlemail.com] 
> Sent: Tuesday, July 19, 2011 5:10 PM
> To: Seidel, Chris
> Subject: Re: [Moin-user] desktop edition mac windows dropbox
> On Wed, Jul 20, 2011 at 12:03 AM, chris <seidel at phageT4.org> wrote:
>> Hi,
> Hi
>> I don't understand your question (thus I'm responding to you and not
> the list). When I look in wikiserverconfig.py I don't see anything that
> looks like it would help. I guess I don't understand what you're getting at.
> Well if you set
> http://hg.moinmo.in/moin/1.9/file/62202e5435e2/wikiserverconfig.py#l40
> to '' or your IP then you can access the same desktop wiki from all of
> your PCs. You store then the pages only on one system and don't need to
> sync.
>> Are you saying I should set up a wiki for each machine, using data
> files on drop box, and then set up another wiki (say called uber wiki)
> that get's it's content from each of the individual wikis? If so, what
> process serves uber wiki? It would seem I'd need two wikis for each
> machine - one that I can write with, and one that can grab content from
> all others and serve it back to me.
> see above
>> I'm not sure how to make a wiki accessible from other wikis. I can
> currently run a local wiki for every machine using dropbox (as long as
> the instances are separate for each machine).
> If you have on all wikis the same content and because they are connected
> to the network, just setup one wiki and access it from all others. You
> can do this also from the desktop wiki. That's what I tried to explain.
> Reimar
>> -Chris
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>> From: R.Bauer [rb.proj at gmail.com]
>> Sent: Tuesday, July 19, 2011 8:45 AM
>> To: moin-user at lists.sourceforge.net
>> Subject: Re: [Moin-user] desktop edition mac windows dropbox
>> Just a question why don't you configure one of your wikis to be 
>> accessible from all others?
>> see wikiserverconfig.py
>> Am 17.07.2011 23:56, schrieb Chris Seidel:
>>> Hello,
>>> I'd like to install the desktop edition on several computers, but put 
>>> the wiki folder (with data and overlay dirs) on dropbox, so that 
>>> whatever computer I'm on at a given time I can edit pages and they'll 
>>> get updated for all my desktop instances. Over the course of a day I 
>>> use
>>> 4 or 5 computers that are mixed between mac, windows, and linux. I 
>>> first installed the wiki on windows and made some pages. But when I 
>>> try to use it from a mac, python quits with a segmentation fault. I 
>>> can install the wiki stand alone on the mac (and have been using a 
>>> separate desktop instance for years).
>> I guess the cache files of the pages are incompatible to your 
>> different python versions.
>>> So my question is: given that dropbox is a shared point between 
>>> platforms, is it possible to have two desktop instances of moinmoin 
>>> (one on windows, one on mac) write to a common data directory? Does 
>>> python write files identically on both platforms? Is there some 
>>> obvious reason why mac moinmoin crashes if reading a windows-written
> data directory?
>> I guess this won't help.
>> Reimar
>>> Of course I'm not expecting each instance to be able to write 
>>> simultaneously - as I only use one computer at a time.
>>> Does anyone use moinmoin via dropbox across several platforms?
>>> -Chris
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