[Moin-user] Running an old version of MoinMoin

Eric Johnson eric at tibco.com
Wed Mar 2 11:50:47 EST 2011

Hi Doug,

What do you mean by help? Give you guidance on what to look out for? 
Suggest a particular approach?

In any case, the hardest part of the migration comes from getting you to 
a 1.6 version of your data.


The reason this is particularly hard is that MoinMoin changed syntax, so 
every page gets touched in the migration. Do you want to migrate all the 
history of all the pages, or just the current latest copy? I did a patch 
on my local copy of MoinMoin that migrated the entire history of pages 
to the 1.6 syntax, rather than just the latest version.

Also with the 1.6 version, MoinMoin changed its treatment of spaces vs. 
underscores. You have a one-time opportunity to rename pages with "_" in 
their names to use spaces instead. For the server I manage, we chose not 
to do this.

Are you using extensions/plugins/macros in the current setup? If so, 
migration will be considerably harder. If you're not, it should be much 

I ended up scripting the migration from 1.5.X to 1.6, so that I could 
run it any number of times. That way, I could see the results, decide 
whether I liked them, and if not, figure out what went wrong, and do it 

Upgrades since the 1.6 release have been straightforward, at least 
through the 1.8 series, where I've stopped for the moment.

On 3/1/11 12:34 PM, Doug Farrell wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've got a MoinMoin wiki I put together years ago that used MoinMoin 
> version 1.5.1 in an Apache environment. I'd like to do one of two 
> things in order to use the pages in this wiki again:
> 1)  I'd like to run this old MoinMoin wiki using the standalone server 
> so I can copy the pages out of the wiki into a newer version of 
> MoinMoin (1.9.3) so I could use the pages again.
> 2)  I'd like to migrate the pages from my old MoinMoin version 1.5.1 
> directory to my newly installed MoinMoin version 1.9.3.
> Is there anyone out there who can help me with either of these questions?
> Thanks in advance!
> Doug
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