[Moin-user] Is LDAP auth in desktop mode possible?

jlist9 jlist9 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 17:41:53 EST 2011

> Seems to correspond to:
>        (ldap.OPT_X_TLS_REQUIRE_CERT, self.tls_require_cert),

That's correct.

> Have a look at the exception it is throwing, you'll see it after the
> above patch is applied, maybe str(err) is then giving some more info.

This line shows up in log:
2011-03-03 14:28:15,430 ERROR MoinMoin.auth.ldap_login:268 LDAP
server ldap://localhost failed (). Trying to authenticat e with next
auth list entry.

I tried wrapping the ldap.set_option(option, value) line with a try block.
An exception is thrown but I can't seem to get any info about the exception.

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