[Moin-user] Server hanging

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Wed Mar 9 11:12:47 EST 2011

> I'm running MoinMoin as a desktop wiki using the builtin server.  I'm
> running it on Windows 7, with Python 2.7.1.  I have wikiserver.py as
> an automatic startup program, and I have Google Chrome to open the
> wiki in a tab when Google Chrome starts.
> The problem is that the wikiserver seems to hang at times, and when it
> does, the only way I can kill it is to power cycle the machine.


> Task Manager doesn't work, and even trying to kill it from the command
> line as an Administrator doesn't.

That's very unusual. I don't think that python code can behave like
that, usually it is no issue to kill the process. Is it maybe due to the
way you are running it in system startup?

Can you try with just running moin in a cmd window (and without admin

> It doesn't happen every time, but often enough to be a problem.

Maybe you should consider that something outside moin could be the cause
of this. E.g. some stuff in moin is rather intensively using the disk /
the filesystem and, after a while, it might also consume quite a bit of

So, e.g. if your disk has bad sectors or your memory is bad, it could
maybe cause strange behaviour.

For running moin 1.9 with python 2.7, you also need a quite recent moin
(repo checkout, moin 1.9.4 (not released yet)) or this patch for 1.9.3:


(alternatively, use python 2.6.x)

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