[Moin-user] Urgent: Translation mentors wanted for Google Code-In 2011

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Sat Nov 5 13:26:50 EDT 2011

We need more native speakers as gci mentors for all languages except
english, german, russian.

If you speak any other language except the ones mentioned, please
consider helping us as a translation mentor for gci 2011.

You don't have to translate the stuff yourself, just check if the
translation was done in a good way by the gci student (== he really
worked on it seriously and he did not just use google translate or
something similar).

"native" can mean in this context: either born there and grown up with
the language or speaking it for a long time and very well.

Translations can be either done for moin 1.9 (see
http://master19.moinmo.in/MoinI18n/xx with xx being your language code,
like "de" for german or "fr" for french). Translations there are of
rather different quality and completeness, check if there is something
to do.

Or, translations can be done for moin 2.0. This is a bit delicate thing
though, as much stuff is still in flux there. So we need to be careful
to only do translations that have a good community backing, so that they
will get permanent maintenance/updating as needed (without just relying
on the gci student). This requires some people passionate about having
such a translation early, even if it means some work keeping it updated
and having to retranslate strings as they change.

If you can help us, please contact us either here on the ML or on IRC
#moin-dev on chat.freenode.net.

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