[Moin-user] Cleaning Cache on WSGI Installation

Olivier Parisy olivier.parisy at gmail.com
Sun Nov 20 16:47:49 EST 2011

Le 20/11/2011 16:21, Thomas Waldmann a écrit :
> Also, it is a good idea to run the "moin" command as same user as
> usually is used to run the moin process. So, in case your wsgi process
> is being run as www-data user, you maybe should also use that user to
> run the moin command, just to avoid permission issues.
I thought this should not be an issue since I was running the script as 
root, but interestingly running it as the apache user did modify its 
behavior. Instead of an unexpected message referencing the default 
config, it actually asked for the wikiconfig module this time. So it was 
then just a matter of using the --config-dir flag for both of my wikis.

For the record, I used the following command line:
su -c "moin --config-dir=/PATH/TO/WIKI maint cleancache" www-data

This fixed the issue, my wikis are back to normal. Thanks for your help!


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