[Moin-user] Very slow page saving caused by notifications

Steve McIntyre steve at einval.com
Sun Apr 15 15:44:34 EDT 2012


I've posted a bug at


Quick summary:

On a site with a large number of registered users
(e.g. wiki.debian.org), saving a page taks a very long time. With a
large number of users, the design of the page subscription system
doesn't scale well. Saving a page works well, but moin then scans all
the user data files looking for the subscribed_pages data. With
thousands of users registered, this can take a very long time; we're
seeing > 90 seconds on a wiki with more than 10,000 users.

This area needs fixing in some way - maybe add a cache in front of the
user lookup here, or store the subscribed_pages information
differently. I might be able to help with coding this, but I'd want to
see what other people think first in terms of a design.

What do people think?

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