[Moin-user] Very slow page saving caused by notifications

Steve McIntyre steve at einval.com
Sat Apr 28 18:26:51 EDT 2012

On Sat, Apr 28, 2012 at 11:54:50PM +0200, Thomas Waldmann wrote:
>> >i had a quick look at the subscribed users caching patch and I suspect
>> >that might not be the case there.
>> Hmmm. It seems to work fine for me in testing, but it's possible that
>> testing hasn't exercised all paths yet. Any suggestions on where to
>> check?
>Check for race conditions / multi-threading/processing issues. What
>happens if 2 cache updates happen at about the same time?

Hmmm, OK. I naively assumed that the cache layer might handle locking
itself, that's a shame.

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