[Moin-user] Corrupt pages need removing

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Wed Aug 8 04:48:55 EDT 2012

> Can anyone suggest how I can remove only the offending pages?

Hmm, it is a utf-8 decoding error. Did maybe somebody manage to put
non-utf-8 content on that page? (it only makes a difference for
non-ascii characters)

> Basically I'm not sure which file does what, what can be removed and
> what cannot.

Look into the directory pointed to by data_dir (see wiki config).

There is one subdirectory per page, that has "current" (points to
current revision, required), a "edit-log" (metadata about revisions,
required) and a subdirectory with the revision files (at least the rev
pointed to by "current" is required). There might be also a subdirectory
"attachments", which has the current attachments (not revisioned).
There might be also a "cache" directory, which can be deleted (or
cleaned by "moin ... maint cleancache".

Directly in <data_dir>, there is also a global "edit-log" (needed for
RecentChanges page, you can kill it if RecentChanges may start from
scratch after that) and "event-log" (optional).

The log files are text files and can be (carefully) edited. Your editor
need to preserve TABs and line-endings as they are.

Make a backup first.

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