[Moin-user] Moin

Kai Jaeger kai at aplteam.com
Mon Aug 27 14:59:51 EDT 2012

I experimented recently with newaccount.py

I'd taken a copy of the original file. When I was ready I deleted
newaccount.py and renamed newaccount.py.old to newaccount.py.

I then restarted Apache.

Now I keep getting Internal Server Error 500.

First I thought I'd made a mistake regarding the file but a comparison
with a backup taken just before my experiments confirmed that the
files are identical.

Further investigation showed that the reason seems to be that the file
newaccount.pyc has not been updated. So I deleted the file and
restarted Apache. Still a 500. Worse: there is no file newaccount.pyc

I then rebooted the machine - still 500, and no newaccount.pyc!

Advice is very welcome.


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