[Moin-user] Moin

Kai Jaeger kai at aplteam.com
Wed Aug 29 02:07:21 EDT 2012

> You get only a new pyc file if it can compile. If you broke it  you
> likly have an old version.

So I was right: if the pyc is missing or not updated something went wrong.

> In case you don't know, you can overwrite an action of the MoinMoin
> library by putting it into the data/plugin/action directory of your wiki
> instance. Doing so keeps your version also after an upgrade of MoinMoin.

I didn't, thanks for pointing this out.

> Btw. the log tells what you did wrong, python needs correct indentation.
> One level is exactly 4 blanks

I changed that and bingo! it works again.

But why did the backups not unearth the problem?

Well, rather than replacing the script with the backup I compared them
with CompareIt!, a software I am generally very happy with.
It has an option "Ignore white space" which was ticked. Being an APL
programmer this makes perfect sense. After having installed and
configured CompareIt! years ago I forgot all about this.

Therefore comparing the two files let to "Files identical" because the
only difference is white space.

The importance of White Space in Python is I must say an obstacle. I
guess that in total Python programmers must have lost a couple of
man-decades on problems caused by white spaces ;)

Anyway, thanks for your help, Reimar!


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