[Moin-user] Fwd: Problem with GivenAuth configuration, through Apache digest?

fero14041 fero14041 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 9 14:24:39 EST 2012

    I previously only responded to Paul whereas it was a message to the list :-/
    Here's the piece, sorry tor this error...

Hi, Lars Kruse and Paul Boddie!
Thank you so much for taking time examining this problem.

I quickly read your responses, and a priori estimate Paul points out my problem:
a misunderstanding how Apache authentication does *not* propagate REMOTE_USER
across a parent domain, only on sub-hierarchy (quite logic, though),
and my ``test/moin19X/login`` pages effectively redirect to wiki's
root ``/test/moin194/``.

Sorry for delaying that, but I could not test changes now, until
probably tomorrow p.m. (UTC+2, Paris).
Again, thank your two, I will confirm tomorrow if all is ok now!


-- fero14041

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