[Moin-user] how does it works!

Reimar Bauer rb.proj at gmail.com
Tue Sep 4 17:47:10 EDT 2012

Am 31.08.2012 22:00, schrieb Renato:


I can't tell much about docbook but
we recently worked on an external convertor to get moin wiki pages into
sphinx and make by that a nice document.


This requires wiki documents written in reST.
> Hi,
> I'm newbe. I know moinmoin from a friend of mine that tells me things about.
> I need to create a manual for a software that involve about 15 people. I 
> thought to moinmoin, because I need that everyone contribute to the manual.
> Now (that I would start to use) I would understund some things:
> 1- how does it works? I mean: I Write the pages on the wiki. Then I can 
> export in DocBook and then I need to use the DocBook format, edit with 
> some sw that could edit this format, adjust the look and the export it 
> from this DocBook sw in some different format (.pdf, .html...)
> 2- I can't find any start guide for moinmoin. I mean somethings that can 
> explain me how to work with it.
If you ask about using / doing things with the wiki then have a look at
 WikiCourse. If it is about installing, just read after unpacking the
moin archiv at docs/INSTALL.html


> Can someone sudgest me some good link?
> Renato
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