[Moin-user] how to start

Renato Pontefice renato.pontefice at gmail.com
Tue Sep 18 10:16:35 EDT 2012

I'm starting using moinmoin. But I stopped at the first step.
- I downloaded a standalon installation
- started moinmin (from the shell. I work on Debian Linux)
- from my browser accessed the localhost:8080 addr
- create an account (my name)

Now I would assume the superuser privilege to install language package and 
so on. But I'm stopped. I can't find doc that explain me which steps do I 
have to accomplish. 
The doc that I've found speack about some file, that I can' find. Or entry 
in a file that I can't find.
I'm desolated :-(

Can someone show me a very basic guide to start wth?
I would start with the standalone version. For now, no server version.

Thank you

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