[Moin-user] moin-1.9.5 released

Reimar Bauer rb.proj at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 16:31:18 EDT 2012

This release ist mostly about security and bug fixes and a few minor
changes (We removed 4suite dependency for docbook formatter, using now
minidom which is included in python).

For details see:

See http://moinmo.in/MoinMoinDownload for the release archive.

BTW, for future moin 1.9 releases, we still need many more people
helping with maintaining and updating translations on
http://master19.moinmo.in/ .

So, especially if you speak some non-english language, you can help!

See http://moinmo.in/MoinDev/Translation for details.

We spent most of our time on developing moin2, see
http://moinmo.in/MoinMoin2.0 for details. One of the recent commits
there was to make moin2 work on GAE based on work done by Guido van Rossum.

If you like to hack / test new stuff, have a look! Also feel invited to
help with it, so it gets ready for production sooner.

If you are interested in helping, feel free to contact us on IRCH chat,
see: http://moinmo.in/MoinMoinChat

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