[Moin-user] Authentication via CAS + authorization (ACL) via AD

Wojtek Swiatek w at swtk.info
Fri Aug 2 06:56:45 EDT 2013


I am brand new to MoinMoin (dokuwiki user so far) and I am trying to
configure it so that the users are authenticated through CAS and ACL are
derived from Active Directory groups.

The CAS login works great thanks to Richard Liao's implementation.

I cannot, however, find a way to set up ACLs so that it is possible to
assign a given set of permissions to an Active Directory group.
I have not set up AD binding yet as all the examples I found are related to
only authentication via LDAP/AD.

Would someone have such a setup in place (the authentication does not have
to be via CAS, let's say that it is assumed that the user has logged in).

Thank you for any pointers
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