[Moin-user] Authentication via CAS + authorization (ACL) via AD

Thomas Waldmann tw at waldmann-edv.de
Tue Aug 6 05:26:45 EDT 2013

Hi Wojtek,
> I cannot, however, find a way to set up ACLs so that it is possible to
> assign a given set of permissions to an Active Directory group.
> I have not set up AD binding yet as all the examples I found are
> related to only authentication via LDAP/AD.
Yes, we support auth against ldap/ad, but there is no official support
for ldap groups in moin.

There has been some work on ldap groups, though, but it wasn't finished,
needs more work and practical testing:


To continue that stuff, it would need some people with real interest and
some python and ldap/ad knowledge and testing environment. I can help
with the moin specific stuff, but I can't help with ldap/ad as I don't
work in such an environment.

An alternative to that would be to define groups either in the wiki
config or on wiki pages, that's the usual way in moin and officially



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