[Moin-user] Immutable pages

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Sat Jul 6 09:03:57 EDT 2013

On Saturday 06 July 2013 14:24:14 Frank Becker wrote:
> Hi all,
> the summer starts and the computers get mad.
> Every page in my Wiki is immutable now. A few days ago there were no
> problems with the wiki and every page was editable. And I can write:  "I
> didn't do anything !! <hands up>" :-)

But has anything else changed? Have any system updates been applied recently?

> I have two copies of the wiki on two different computers and on every
> computer all the pages are immutable.

With two different computers involved, one could also suspect system updates 
if they both run the same operating system distribution. What about your 
browser? Are you still authenticated when you try and access the wiki?

> Really: There were neither chances in the acl nor in the configuration
> or in the python setup.

What does your ACL configuration look like? I imagine that you do have some 
rule in place to prevent unauthorised editing, so we might need to see why it 
is that you are no longer considered to be authorised.

> Ok the question is: What can I do to get every page editable?

Let's look at the configuration first and consider any changes that may have 
taken place in the environment.


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