[Moin-user] moinmoin and xapian "unindexable object"

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Thu Jul 25 08:02:41 EDT 2013

On Thursday 25. July 2013 13.22.49 Thomas Waldmann wrote:
> > I am using MoinMoin 1.8 and ...
> Is there some special reason you use an outdated / unmaintained version?
> See also: http://moinmo.in/SecurityFixes

Not speaking on behalf of the inquirer here, but I have various wikis on my 
own machine which still run 1.8. Since they aren't meant to be exposed to the 
Internet, I'm not going to upgrade them because it would be a distraction, and 
upgrading my OS distribution (and discovering the incompatibility mentioned 
earlier) was already enough of a distraction. I suppose that performing a Moin 
upgrade would have been only a bit more work, but you never really know.

I agree that people should be moving to 1.9, especially after the hardening it 
has received in recent months.


P.S. Now that I've upgraded my distro, I might conceivably get to spend a bit 
more time on Moin 2, especially since it provides Python 2.7 as the default 
and this appears to be what Moin 2 prefers.

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