[Moin-user] Cracked...advice sought on how to proceed

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Sun Jun 16 17:24:30 EDT 2013

On Sunday 16 June 2013 19:09:36 Desmond Rivet wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm running a personal MoinMoin wiki.  I've recently discovered that I've
> been cracked.  I'm finding lots of entries in the data/pages directory that
> look like:
> zupeginwuxi397/edit-log
> 6pm_Offer_Coupon_Codes/edit-log
> All the edit-log files (that I've checked) appear to be empty.  The file
> also appears to be the only contents of these bogus pages/directories.  As
> I said, I have a ton of these in my data/pages folder.  And it's been going
> on for a while, judging by the backup I've looked at.

These are attempts to create pages, and I think that a bug was reported 
recently about such denied attempts still creating files, even though the 
pages will not be created:


The following fix was described:


> I'm not sure how it happened or what the intent was.  I'm not sure what
> exactly has been compromised.  Can I just change my login password and get
> a better SSL certificate? (I always logged in via https, but maybe the
> certificate was compromised).

Provided that you're running a fixed version of Moin that isn't subject to 
vulnerabilities, I rather suspect that you're seeing the effect of the 
problem mentioned above.

> That being said, all is not lost. It's fairly easy for me to pick out my
> own pages from the mess - looking for folders that have a "revisions"
> subfolder seems to do the trick.
> So I'm seeking some advice on how to proceed.  Can I simply rm -rf the
> bogus directories from the file system?  If I do this, will I have to
> update some other cache file?

I don't want to give concrete advice here, but I imagine that you could remove 
the bogus directories. If Moin has a record of the pages elsewhere, it will 
probably just ignore them if it comes across something like a log entry 
referencing them. Maybe the despam action helps in this situation, but I 
wouldn't know.

> Should I re-install MoinMoin?  If I do, is there a way to re-import all my
> original pages into the new wiki (assuming I pulled out all the pages from
> my old wiki) ?

I wouldn't immediately re-install Moin. It might be interesting to know what 
kind of authentication measures you provide, whether you have a restrictive 
ACL policy, and whether the "newaccount" action is enabled. Generally, to 
prevent bogus edits you can require users to be registered in order to make 
edits, you can thereby require authentication, and you can forbid new 
accounts by putting the following in the class in your configuration file:

    actions_excluded = ["newaccount"] # plus any others you exclude

At that point, maybe the only new files that get created are session files and 
cache files, as far as I can tell.


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