[Moin-user] Looking for a better template in the subscription e-mail

Thomas Waldmann tw at waldmann-edv.de
Tue Mar 26 07:25:04 EDT 2013

> Is there way to change the subscription mail template . 

Not easily.

> I am looking for something more friendly and easy to understand the
> changes  . So that somebody make some changes in the post then the
> subscribed users will get a friendly notification .
> Currently its showing diff output and its not easy to understand the non
> techie people . Is there a way to get a colored diff output , just like
> git diff .

For the web UI, we have some html diff code, that does this.

But we do not send HTML emails.

BUT, there is a link to that html diff view inside the text email, you
just need to click on it.

Also, some people dislike HTML emails or maybe even can handle the
coloured stuff worse than the "techie" diff stuff.

So we would need another user setting for this preference?
Or send multipart email with text AND html?

Considering that moin 1.9.x is stable, I only see room for rather small
changes / contributions, but you can help to make moin2 better by
helping to think about such stuff (on a rather detailled level) and/or
contribute some code that implements it.

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