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Jim Wight jkwight at gmail.com
Sun Mar 31 14:17:02 EDT 2013

On 17 January 2013 12:46, Jim Wight <jkwight at gmail.com> wrote:

> Anyone interested in taking over development/maintenance of my SeeSaw
> macro?
> I retired over 3 years ago, and although I kept up my interest in SeeSaw
> for a while - I produced another release and worked on correcting some
> deficiencies with it - my enthusiasm has been dwindling for some time. I
> used to religiously check SeeSaw against new releases of MoinMoin and
> jQuery but I've allowed several to slip past lately.
> Further, as my ex-work login that I used for development and maintaining
> the demonstration site seesaw.ncl.ac.uk is up for renewal at the end of
> this month, and as the conditions for continuation are more stringent this
> time, I've decided not to bother trying to make a case and am going to
> allow it to lapse. That site will be withdrawn at the same time.
> Therefore, I won't be working on SeeSaw any more and would welcome someone
> taking it over. I will, of course, be happy to help whoever that might be
> to understand it.
Having written that, I found my interest in SeeSaw returning. Since then
I've dusted down a new version I'd prepared but which had lain unreleased
for over a year. It was to fix a bug, but I wasn't entirely happy with my
overly-complicated resolution, so kept holding off releasing it. I'm glad I
did, as on reflection I've decided that the bug wasn't a bug after all but
a matter of interpretation of behaviour. Nevertheless, I've decided to put
out a new release because I'd also made what I thought were worthwhile
improvements; it is available from MacroMarket. There's one minor feature
addition, but a change in the generated HTML has led to a simplification
(and near 50% reduction) of the JavaScript code, which now allows SeeSaw to
be applied to any HTML element, e.g. to tables through MoinMoin markup
(using tableclass, rowclass and class).

Further, I've taken the examples that were available at
http://seesaw.ncl.ac.uk, revised them and bundled them into a set of
ready-to-use pages that can be slotted into any wiki. They can be
downloaded from SeeSaw's MacroMarket page.

When I ran t <http://seesaw.ncl.ac.uk>he demonstration site, I used to
check SeeSaw against all versions of MoinMoin from 1.6, but only because
that was the version in use at my workplace when I started it. I no longer
see a need for that to be done. Therefore, as it doesn't seem such an
onerous task to check against future releases of MoinMoin and jQuery using
my own setup, which I've just done with 1.9.7 and 1.9.1 respectively, I'm
reversing my decision and will continue to keep a watching brief. I don't
have plans for any more development; maybe SeeSaw has too many features as
it is.

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