[Moin-user] Suggestions sought to how best to implement this request ...

Philip Colmer philip.colmer at linaro.org
Tue Sep 24 11:44:05 EDT 2013

Sorry that I couldn't come up with a better subject line ... I've been
asked to migrate


onto our internal MoinMoin wiki. The content from that page comes from the
CMS that sites behind www.linaro.org and I am *not* going to be migrating
that. Instead, my intention is to use the corporate LDAP directory to store
the data and use some Python code to pull the data back from LDAP.

I am, however, hitting some mental stumbling blocks and I'd welcome
thoughts or comments on these:

   - The way that the lists are arranged into three columns seems to be
   some CSS voodoo that I'm trying to unpick. I'm not sure how to mimic that
   in MoinMoin since calling CSS directly is tricky ...
   - Clicking on an individual (e.g.
   http://www.linaro.org/linux-on-arm/meet-the-team/philip-colmer/) results
   in more "normal" layout although, again, the HTML seems to have some
   "interesting" CSS references but I might be able to ignore more of that and
   use a table instead to try to get to a similar look. My thinking here is
   that a script running directly on the server would run regularly and build
   static wiki pages based off LDAP data. For the person's photo, my research
   into MoinMoin seems to suggest that an attachment would seem to be the best
   solution as I can transfer the JPEG data from the LDAP server and store it
   inside the attachments directory for that page. Is there an API for storing
   attachments or should I just write directly to the page's directory
   - Similarly with the lists of people in a group (e.g.
   http://www.linaro.org/linux-on-arm/meet-the-team/office-of-the-coo), my
   intention is to build a wiki page for each group. However, if I've gone for
   the aforementioned approach of storing the images as an attachment for an
   individual page, can I reference that from another page? If not, I guess
   the better solution would be to store all of the staff images in a central
   directory and then consistently link to them as external images.

Any other suggestions or thoughts occur to you?

Thanks for any input that anyone can provide on this.

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