[Moin-user] Plugins: recommendations for accessible local directory?

Lars Kruse lists at sumpfralle.de
Mon Aug 25 20:01:10 EDT 2014


recently I upgraded the VisualSiteMap action [1] for moinmoin v1.9 and today I
added the HoverCraft action [2].
In both cases an external application is called in order to create one or more
files locally:
* VisualSiteMap: dot/neato/... creates an svg file
* HoverCraft: a directory containing an html file and some more resource files
  is created

To be of any use, these files need to be accessible via a URL.

Thus both actions are currently configured with two pieces of information:
1) a local file path
2) a URL which is mapped to the above path (via a webserver?)

The actions call their respective external application and put their result
into the above local directory. The URL of these files is delivered/embedded to
the user.

This approach feels a bit clumsy, since the webserver requires manual
configuration (mapping the directory to a URL) for each action separately, e.g.:

  AliasMatch /wikis/([^/]+)/_hovercraft-cache/(.*)$ /var/cache/moin/HoverCraft/$1/$2

(suitable for the HoverCraft action and for multiple wikis via farmconfig)

Additionally the above approach ignores any ACL restrictions - but I could live
wih that.

Since at least the two above actions require this directory/URL mapping
(separated for each wiki), I could imagine that maybe MoinMoin already includes
something similar?
Or is the preferred approach to turn the created files into attachments of the
respective wiki page? This could work for VisualSiteMap but would be quite messy
for HoverCraft since it creates multiple files.

Please share your opinions!


[1] http://moinmo.in/ActionMarket/VisualSiteMap
[2] http://moinmo.in/ActionMarket/HoverCraft

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