[Moin-user] MoinMoin 1.9.8 release preparations

Thomas Waldmann tw at waldmann-edv.de
Mon Jan 6 17:27:28 EST 2014

Moin :),

I am currently preparing next moin 1.9.x release.

You can help by updating the https://master19.moinmo.in/ wiki - the
MoinI18n/xx subpages ("PO files" with translations) might need some
string updates.

That wiki and also the moinmo.in wiki run the current code that will go
into the release later. If you find issues, file bugs on the
https://moinmo.in/ wiki.

As usual, the release will have bugfixes, performance improvements and
some other changes to fix issues that surfaced in production:

Some sites have issues with performance (moin having a rather high
resource consumption). Usually this is triggered by frequent accesses to
expensive to compute functionality.

moin 1.9.8 has some ways to deal with that:
* log_timing - find out what is running slow / running too long
* modify backlink rendering (== avoid fullsearches triggered by bots)
* some macros/actions check for bots and don't do expensive stuff for them
* rss feed and edit-log access is faster

* won't create tons of (almost) empty pagedirs any more
* compat fixes for some newer or older python versions

The (more verbose) changelog is there:




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