[Moin-user] SyncWiki problems

Thomas Waldmann tw at waldmann-edv.de
Tue Jan 21 06:37:48 EST 2014

> 1. For a page deleted locally, say, it seems the directory of the
> corresponding page is still kept, 

Sure, it keeps all the history there.

>such that when I run sync, it gives the following error mesg:
> /EmptyPage: You cannot save empty pages.

If you just deleted a page and tried sync, it seems this is a bug.

You can work around it by instead of deleting a page, just edit it and
write "deleted" on it. Not pretty, but should work.

I am a bit wondering though as this is a rather simple use case and
should work...

> 2. I am currently stumbled at is that sync script reports  a page not
> existing while it actually exists. What strikes me is that some of the
> pages are being synced like I see BioStat, and the GeneralConcepts/p53
> pages on remote wiki, but it always stopped at one certain page, say
> here is the  ProteasesAndFusionTags page. If I delete this page, the
> sync process will stop another page. Following is the log info from the
> SyncWiki page. I am really confused.

I don't personally use the sync function, but maybe someone else on the
ML can help.

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