[Moin-user] LDAP Groups for ACLS

Thomas Waldmann tw at waldmann-edv.de
Mon Sep 8 09:33:22 EDT 2014

> Is there an easy way to get LDAP authorization working as well as LDAP 
> authenitcation ?
> If  I log in as user1 where the authentication is checked by ldap, is 
> there a way to get the ACL mechanism to go to LDAP to check group 
> membership ?

A very simple "group membership" check can be implemented by the ldap
search string, which could check e.g. for some wikiallowed attribute.

> For instance, user1 is a member of group1 but not group2 (both from 
> LDAP) so if a page has an ACL to only allow users from group1 then user1 
> can see it, but not if the ACL restricts to group2 ?
> I found this...
> http://moinmo.in/Groups2009
> ...but I can't find any mention of whether this work was completed or 
> any documentation on getting it working.

IIRC it wasn't completed. If you know Python and you have a ldap
environment to test it, you maybe could continue it. :)

> Can anyone help with this ?

I can help with moin questions, but I don't use moin with ldap myself.



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