[Moin-user] Trying to understand notification behaviour in PageEdit.py

Philip Colmer philip.colmer at linaro.org
Wed Feb 25 05:02:13 EST 2015

I've got a nightly script that does a lot of automated changes to
pages and I need to stop the notifications going out because of the
email overhead it is generating.

Looking at the code for PageEditor.py, I can see that saveText accepts
the keyword notify:

@keyword notify: if False (default: True), don't send a PageChangedEvent

Indeed, there are calls to saveText within PageEditor.py where
notify=False is set in the call.

However, similarly changing my code so that it sets notify to False
does not have the same effect.

editor.saveText(text, 0, notify=False) still results in a notification
being sent. What is *really* weird is that if I edit the saveText code
so that the default value for notify is changed, thus:

notify = kw.get('notify', False)

I *still* get the notification when my script runs, but if I edit a
page manually, NO notifications are sent.

I've only got one file on my server called PageEditor.py so I am
really bemused as to what the heck is going on here. I've trying
adding logging to the code and, again, the logging only happens when
I'm using moin via the web server. Nothing is output when my script

Any suggestions, please?



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