[Moin-user] Mentors wanted for GSOC 2015

Thomas Waldmann tw at waldmann-edv.de
Sat Jan 17 13:28:01 EST 2015


MoinMoin project might file an application as mentoring organisation for
GSOC 2015 (either directly or as a suborg of Python Software Foundation).


Until February 2nd we need to know who will be available as mentor.

Please see the wiki page to see the current amount of mentors.
Minimum we need is 1 admin (I can do that), 1 backup admin (missing
yet), >= 2 mentors (missing yet).

The amount of student project grants we get from google depends on many
factors (in the past, these were usually 3 .. 6 student projects per
summer), but one is of course mentoring capacity.

The amount of student projects we can (and would) take depends primarily
on availability of primary mentors.

For quality mentoring, there usually should be 1 mentor per student.
In some cases 1 mentor for 2 students can also work (e.g. if mentor has
more time, students are predicted to need not that much mentoring, the 2
projects are somehow similar, etc.).

So, if you have good experience with some of the following things, think
about whether you could help with mentoring a student (as primary
mentor) or hanging out with us on #moin-dev as a helper - helping now
and then on some topics (but not being a primary mentor for a student).

* moin2 codebase (if you have long term moin 1.x coding experience, that
might also work, if you can take up the differences quickly)
* python
* javascript / jquery
* css / bootstrap
* html5
* mercurial / bitbucket
* testing / py.test
* code review
(and maybe other stuff I just forgot right now)

If this sounds interesting and you like to help the project and student
developers who are maybe new to the project, add your name to the
mentors list on the wikipage linked above.

We usually do mentoring on IRC collaboratively - whoever is online and
can answer a question will just do so (no matter whether he is primary
mentor for that student or not).

You of course should have some time to spend on mentoring, so you should
not be super-busy with lots of other stuff. Students are expected to
work full-time on their project, a mentor is expected to have at least
some hours per week free to spend for mentoring (reviewing code,
communicating with the student).



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