[Moin-user] Migrating wikis from 1.9.3 to 1.9.8

Chris Freemesser cfreemesser at mail.cvs.rochester.edu
Thu Oct 15 08:42:39 EDT 2015

(My apologies if this gets posted twice...had a change of e-mail addresses)

Hi all.

A (hopefully) quick question:

If you have wikis created on a server running 1.9.3 and you set up a new server 
running 1.9.8 with the files (moin executables, location of wiki instances, 
etc.) in the same place, should you be able to copy over a wiki from the old 
system to the new one and have it work as-is?

Reason I ask is that I've done just this, and when attempting to access a 
copied wiki on the new server, I get an "Unhandled Exceptions" error.  I can 
create a new wiki instance on the new system without problem.  I'm still 
playing with config files, looking to see if I missed anything simple, but 
knowing that they *should* work would be helpful.



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