[Moin-user] Migrating wikis from 1.9.3 to 1.9.8

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Thu Oct 15 09:23:23 EDT 2015

On Thursday 15. October 2015 14.42.39 Chris Freemesser wrote:
> (My apologies if this gets posted twice...had a change of e-mail addresses)

Only one copy received here so far! :-)

> Hi all.
> A (hopefully) quick question:
> If you have wikis created on a server running 1.9.3 and you set up a new
> server running 1.9.8 with the files (moin executables, location of wiki
> instances, etc.) in the same place, should you be able to copy over a wiki
> from the old system to the new one and have it work as-is?

There should be few real changes to take into consideration: it's not like a 
migration from a much-earlier version of Moin (like the recent messages about 
1.5.x or, astonishingly, 1.2.x) where you might have to process the content 
for Moin's parser to be happy with it or to upgrade extensions to work with 
different APIs.

> Reason I ask is that I've done just this, and when attempting to access a
> copied wiki on the new server, I get an "Unhandled Exceptions" error.  I
> can create a new wiki instance on the new system without problem.  I'm
> still playing with config files, looking to see if I missed anything
> simple, but knowing that they *should* work would be helpful.

The Web server log is the thing to investigate here. I can think of a few 

* Cached content (stuff which is pickled and doesn't always like being
  unpickled in a different environment). Use "moin maint cleancache" to
  deal with this.

* Generated .pyc files (that might not work in the new environment). Use
  your favourite combination of "find", "xargs" and "rm" to deal with
  this. ;-)

* Permissions and policies (standard user, group and access rights plus things
  like SELinux). See (for SELinux): https://moinmo.in/HowTo/FedoraSELinux

My "favourite" error was related to the i18n mechanism:


This should be mostly dealt with by the above measures.


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